Couples Therapy

I understand that making the decision to go to couples counselling can be daunting; it can seem almost like a formal acknowledgement that things in your relationship are not exactly as you would like them. Despite the emotional challenges involved in reaching out for support, the acknowledgement of your relationship problems can be the first step to solving them.

Nearly all couples will experience difficulties in their relationships, some can last for years and others are more easily overcome.

Some couples have many difficulties but find a way to get past them and back into a happy, healthy relationship. You are not alone in dealing with this and you certainly don’t need to suffer without support.

Having blended John Gottman’s research into my practice. I have helped many couples, each with unique conditions, from different backgrounds and having different issues; no relationship issue is too strange or shocking to me. Collaboratively, by implementing the scientifically proven methods developed over many years by The Gottman Institute.

We will together work towards regaining the stability of a loving, healthy relationship. Some of the things I have helped couples with previously:

  • Lack of trust or emotional attachment
  • Arguments and poor communication
  • Financial difficulties
  • Physical intimacy
  • One or both of you becomes dysfunctional during a conflict.
  • Work and domestic life difficulties
  • Children and family issues
  • Much more!

I am a qualified and experienced professional and so have dealt with many other types of relationship problems, so please do not feel that your situation will be too unique or difficult to find a solution.

My approach is based on scientific research, adapted from my personal experience helping couples. I will be able to help you reverse a stagnating or deteriorating relationship and restore loving connection and intimacy. I will allow you to describe the direction you want to go in and what you as a couple want to achieve and determine a personal plan for you to follow.  

I will approach your situation without judgement and will always respect you and be compassionate, kind and understanding. You will never feel out of place during our sessions. 

Please reach out to me and we can try and arrange a session at your convenience!